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Integrated Solutions

In addition to the business service 2 Stop Delivery has a team of professionals dedicated to engineering and implementing comprehensive, multi-mode supply chain solutions.

The goal of 2 Stop Delivery Integrated Solutions is to align all available capacity and capabilities with the customer's business needs. Taking advantage of the full suite of transportation services available in the marketplace, 2 Stop Delivery Integrated Solutions aims to provide the most efficient customer-specific solution possible. Rather than offering a single pre-set solution to meet our own agenda, Integrated Solutions focuses on customers' individual supply-chain objectives, challenges, and future operational goals.

Taking a consultative approach, Integrated Solutions assesses service options available through our companies and in the industry as a whole, and works out the right supply-chain solution for customers. If a 2 Stop Delivery company does not offer the specific service needed, Integrated Solutions' third-party logistics capabilities will procure non services to meet customer requirements. Customers in need of assistance can outsource some or all of their supply-chain needs to 2 Stop Delivery Integrated Solutions and be assured of reliable service.

some of the services

we provide are

Parcel service

We are now offering car deliveries, mail, parcels, parts, food, and much more.

We take the time to listen to your needs and will advise you of the best possible options for your project and budget.

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express team service

Our team of HOTSHOT professional delivery drivers make us stand out from our competition. We offer a wide variety of services tailored to your needs; we treat each customer with the utmost professionalism and respect.

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container service

2 Stop Delivery is your dependable source for container freight services with the flexibility to meet your changing needs. With our comprehensive range of time-definite, guaranteed and cost-saving options, 2 Stop Delivery can meet your container freight requirements with reliability and professionalism.

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Man and Van service

Man and van service can be one to two man. The key to this service is that you're hiring the van along with the men who'll drive it, load it and unload it, taking all the stress out of your delivery.

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LTL & Truckload service

No matter the shipment, no matter the location, no matter the deadline, no matter the size. 2 Stop Delivery Truckload has a service footprint that encompasses North America, and extends beyond our borders. With the ability to scale our service to your business peak times we provide high-value service across the spectrum of truckload options.

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Bonded Carrier service

Bonded carriers can bring a load of goods past the port of entry into Canada to an authorized location without customs release. In-bond shipments are freight that is not released at the border. The freight is instead moved inland by a bonded carrier to obtain release by CBSA or to simply move through Canada to another country of import.

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White Glove Service

Clients comment that we are the absolute leaders in white glove shipping logistics. We provide expertly servicing the logistics needs of many industries dealing with high value products. Such products may include but not limited to medical and scientific equipment, retail store displays or fixtures, computer servers, office printers, scanners, or automated kiosks. High value product transportation involves shipments that are unique by nature, requiring precise handling, special equipment and highly trained personnel to execute delivery properly and securely

Direct Service

Your shipment will be expedited directly to its final destination without being transferred through endless break-bulk stations, allowing for faster transit times and eliminating damages.

Rush Service

The Express Division of 2 Stop Delivery provides Expedited and Hot Shot Delivery services door-to-door throughout North America, no matter your origin and destination we have the resources to assist. We truly understand the express business and the requirements to get the job done right now. Let our Express team deliver your most critical freight with our reliable, secure, and on time freight solutions 24/7/365

Same Day Service

We provide your business with a single point of contact to manage the entire process from the initial call through to delivery and invoicing, keeping you informed, aware and on track to meet your objectives.

Providing the most reliable same day services with complete professionalism is where we excel, we hope you'll take a little time to read what our customers feel about our services by reading our testimonials.

Chain of Custody Service

Tracking, tracing, and custody are all generally accepted concepts involving the control of movement. All these concepts have in their fundamental cognitive structure the idea of path, corridor, multiple parts, flow, security and coordination.

Trans border Service

Maintaining the flow of goods between our borders is critical to the economy of both countries. While recent changes have streamlined the transmission of information and reduced congestion at the border, it is critical to partner with a company that can ship seamlessly across North America.

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